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Mint Maple Mix

Mint Maple Mix

You know how some things are just too good to resist? You find yourself just needing to have one more piece of that? Forewarned is forearmed and yes, this might be one of those things.


Serves 1-12 people

  • 1 cup mixed raw nuts
  • 1 cup maple syrup
  • 1 cup Kenter Canyon Farms fresh mint leaves
  • Sheet pan lightly oiled with neutral oil


Prep: 3 min • Cook: 7 min • Ready in: 30 min

This a fast and potentially hazardous trick. So be ready! Use a pan with sides to reduce the risk of splashing boiling syrup on yourself and send the toddlers off to play elsewhere. Place nuts and syrup into pan over high heat, bring to a boil and stir to keep from scorching and boiling over, add the mint leaves after about 3 minutes and keep stirring. The syrup will continue to reduce and darken and when it coats the nuts pour it onto the oiled sheet pan. Spread the nuts around with the spoon and break up the clumps somewhat. Don’t touch them until they are cool, approximately 20 minutes, and then break them apart and serve.

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